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Joining the World AI Council isn't merely an enrollment; it's a transformative journey tailored to empower you. This expedition is divided into three pivotal stages: becoming an Explorer Citizen, advancing to Delegate Citizen, and ultimately ascending to the role of Ambassador Citizen.


Your journey begins as an Explorer Citizen, the starting point for those new to AI. During this phase, you'll gain a foundational understanding of AI, its implications on your life and career, and our code of ethics. This level of understanding is essential to contribute meaningfully to our vision of a Utopian AI society and enables you to progress to the next level.

After mastering the basics, you'll transition to the Delegate Citizen stage. As a Delegate Citizen, your understanding of AI deepens as you explore its impact on your particular field, whether you're a doctor, lawyer, banker, or any other profession. The AI Delegate program equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate AI's transformative force and understand its potential to revolutionize your work.

Upon completing the Delegate program, you'll reach the final stage of the journey, becoming an Ambassador Citizen. As an Ambassador, you'll be prepared to lead innovatively and become a visionary within your domain. You'll learn to create a robust AI strategy for your organization, construct effective governance models, and make significant contributions to your industry and community. As an Ambassador Citizen, you also get the prestigious opportunity to join the World AI Council.

This journey isn't a traditional program; it's about ensuring your readiness to use our AI tools, and more importantly, about democratizing personal AI. We aim to equip you with knowledge and resources to take ownership of your personal AI, rather than being overshadowed by commercial generative AI.

We understand the critical need for education before introducing our AI tools. Many professionals across various sectors, especially in the developing world, lack an understanding of AI and its impending influence on their jobs. Through this journey, we strive to shift the perspective of AI from being a futuristic luxury to a necessary tool for survival.

Our mission at the World AI Council is clear: we strive to democratize personal AI by providing our members with the tech and knowledge needed to navigate the risks and benefits associated with advanced AI. This journey is the road to becoming an AI-powered human, fully prepared for the imminent AI-driven future.


AI Citizen is not just a concept, it's a transformative movement that empowers individuals to confidently navigate the rapidly-evolving AI landscape. We are a pioneering global community that sits at the intersection of AI, technology, society, and education, united by our conviction that comprehending and embracing AI is vital for sculpting a superior future. By offering engaging content, educational resources, and state-of-the-art AI technology, we strive to enlighten individuals across the globe, enabling them to comprehend the grand scheme and leverage the potential of our decentralized AI.

Together, we can shape the trajectory of the AI economy, fostering a future where AI and human intelligence synergize to unlock unprecedented possibilities.

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