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Launch Your AI Entrepreneur Hackathon

Develop innovative AI projects with business plans, addressing real-world challenges

Cohort-based Program. 

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~ 8 Weeks

Program Duration

~ 6 Hours/Week

Hours of Learning


Program Format


Learning Mode

US$52+ Billion was invested in AI startups in 2022 alone.

Starting a tech business is hard. WAIU Labs makes it easier with our step-by-step AI Project Hackathon program.

AI Entrepreneurship Hackathon

Acquire AI and entrepreneurship skills through our step-by-step program, guiding you to bring your enterprise projects to life.

Identify and develop AI and technology use cases that solve your organization's real problems.

Create a compelling AI business plan for your projects, and prototypes to get ready for technology development. 

Cohort-based Program. 

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Who This Program For

As a student, developer, budding entrepreneur or professional in any sector, you won’t want to miss how this new simplified way to build AI-powered businesses can launch you to success in the new AI economy. This program targets universities, corporates and government entities.

student entrepreneur
Pro entreprenuer
SME Owner

Software Engineers




Cohort-based Program. 

Program Objectives

Understand the AI citizenship and entrepreneurship concepts, machine learning product management framework, business model, and AI Business Model Canvas (AI-BMC). 

 Identify and discover real-life AI end exponential technologies use cases that  maximize impact and feasibility.

Understand how to create value from AI and capture opportunities for your business.

Discover examples of AI and exponential technologies in action across different sectors.

Create your go-to-market strategy and an AI prototype as part of the business project.

Candidates will become AI entrepreneurs, and they will be ready to pitch their business projects to their top management, or regional and international venture capital firms with a potential of generous funding

Program Outline

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Module 1

Introduction to Enterprise AI Entrepreneurship

Group 1000002179.png

Module 2

The Rise of AI Companies

Group 1000002179.png

Module 3

Real-life AI Applications (Tailored to Different Sectors)

Group 1000002179.png

Module 4

Machine Learning Product Management Framework

Group 1000002179.png

Module 5

Systems Thinking & Mental Models

Group 1000002179.png

Module 6

Introduction to the Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Group 1000002179.png

Module 7

Knowing your Customer and Customer Persona

Group 1000002179.png

Module 8

Business Strategy, Business Concept Statement & Marketing

Group 1000002179.png

Module 9

Data, Auto ML

& The AI Business Model Canvas (AI-BMC)

Group 1000002179.png

Module 10

Operations, Risk Management & Financial Planning

Group 1000002179.png

Module 10

Pitch Deck Preparation & Presentation Training

Group 1000002179.png

Module 11

WAIU AI Challenge, Final Presentations and Winners Announcement

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Cohort-based Program. 

AI Builders
Technology Projects
Business Partners

Our Vast Network of Supportive Partners

WAIU Labs boasts a thriving ecosystem of over 250 business and academic partners dedicated to bolstering our community of entrepreneurs.

AI Entrepreneurship for Orgs

Access Our AI Business Services

Go-to-Market Startegy

Pitch Deck Writing

Use of AI Productivity Tools

Cost-benefit Analysis

Custom Technology Development

Hear It From Our AI Entrepreneurs

Sofia Testimony

Sofia Rodriguez, Mexico

WAIU Lab's AI Projects Hackathon Program opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of AI. Now, I'm confidently building an AI business projects for my company in Mexico City.
Erik Testimony

Erik Johansson, Sweden

As a Swedish government executive, I needed guidance to navigate the AI landscape. This program gave me the tools and network to turn my AI ideas into reality.
Li Testimony

Li Wei, China

I came to WAIU Lab from Beijing seeking AI expertise. Today, I'm pitching my AI project with my team to investors worldwide. This program truly unlocks potential.

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