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Launch Your AI Accelerator

Transforming academic institutions & corporates into AI Accelerators that foster innovations and solve industry problems with AI and exponential technologies.

The Problem

AI is reshaping the workforce, with a significant shift expected in the next 2-5 years due to technological advancements and the emergence of artificial general intelligence. The majority of students and professionals are currently unprepared for this change. Corporates and academic institutions must quickly adapt, offering project-based, hands-on experiences that align with industry needs, foster local technology development, bolster their communities, and stimulate the economy.

What is an AI Accelerator?

The AI Accelerator Lab is a multi-phase program that accelerates the development of AI solutions, offering resources, training, and support to create scalable AI projects addressing real-world challenges.

Phase 1

AI Educational Programs

AI literacy and integrative AI educational programs aim to enhance participants' knowledge and skills relevant to their specific academic disciplines and professional domains.

Phase 2

AI Projects' Hackathon

AI Projects Hackathon, an 8-week team-based bootcamp designed to encourage the creation of entrepreneurial AI projects, complete with detailed business plans.

Phase 3

AI Acclerator Lab

AI Accelerator Lab, a 12-18 week program emphasizing team-based data science and machine learning training, aimed at developing scalable AI pilots to meet real-world industry demands.

Who Can Launch an AI Accelerator

Launching an AI Accelerator involves a unique approach for each segment, tailored to harness their specific strengths and objectives:

Image by Martin Moore
AI Students Club (2).png

Launching Your AI Student Club

Launching your AI Students Club creates a community of AI enthusiasts, innovators, and creators who shape the future of local AI sectors, enrich the talent pool, and tackle industry challenges for our corporate partners.

Image by Brydon McCluskey

What Universities Can Achieve with the AI Students Club?

60% AI Literacy rate among students

50-100 AI Engineers produced annually

20 AI innovative projects with business plans.

7-10 scalable AI pilots tailored to meet industry requirements

Contribution to your local AI ecosystem 

Supplying talent to the job market

Alignment with industry needs

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