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A United Global Community Paving the Way to an AI Utopia.

We are building a global digital community of leaders from all domains and sectors, united by a shared vision of building a human-centered AI future. Our community embraces diversity in knowledge, perspectives, and experiences, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. We are driven by the commitment to leverage AI in ways that prioritize and uphold human values. Our mission is to shape an AI future in all our local districts where technology serves as a tool for growth, inclusivity, and prosperity for all, ensuring that the advantages of AI are universally accessible. Join us in navigating this exciting new era, as we set the foundations for a sustainable, ethical, and human-centered AI future.

One Community. All Sectors. 

The World AI Council is responding to the swift rise of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and its potential to displace jobs globally. Our mission is to urgently raise awareness among professionals, who may not fully comprehend the transformative impact of AGI on their work and life. To counteract the widening tech and economic divide, we are creating a digital community of leaders across various sectors. Our dual objectives are to quickly increase awareness and develop technology that democratizes and decentralizes AGI, giving control back to the people. We welcome leaders from all sectors to join us in this critical mission, with plans to expand into more sectors as we grow.

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