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Learn AI Basics in 60 Minutes. Become an AI Citizen!

Artificial Intelligence is tranforming your career. Are you prepared? Take our free assessment or start directly with our FREE mini course. 

AI is Helping Us Live Healthier, Wealthier, and Happier Lives.

$15.7+ Trillion Economic Boost

AI will create a $15.7 trillion global economy by 2030


97 Million New Job Roles

AI will create 97 million new job roles by 2025

World Economic Forum

15%+ Increase in Productivity

AI has increased human  productivity by over 15%.

International Monetary Fund

Early Detection of Deseases

AI-driven tools have increased early disease detection by 20%.

World Health Organization

However, its rapid growth also brings potential risks

With the constant rush of work and challenges like time limits, language barriers, and costs, many of us in knowledge-based roles feel stretched thin. Now, with the rise of AI, which is already competing with and even outperforming human professionals, adds to this sense of urgency.

$158+ Billion

Invested in AI between 2020 and Q2 2023) to automate human jobs.


300+ Million

of existing jobs will be automated by AI, according to Goldman Sachs.

~ 2-5 Years

AI will automate most of the existing jobs we know today.


“AI will soon surpass human intelligence.”

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton

Godfather of AI

After he resigned from Google in May 2023.


Learn AI Basics in 60 Mins!

Kickstart your AI journey with our FREE 60-minute AI basics course. It's the foundational step towards mastering AI in your future field.

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