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Certified AI Professional in Education (CAIP-E) Program 


Empowering school and university educators with the knowledge and skills to shape the future of AI-powered education. 


Cohort-based Program.

20 Hours

Program Duration


Program delivery

Live, Expert-led

Program Format

Online or on-premise

Learning Mode

Certified AI Professional in Education (CAIP-E) Program


The CAIP-E is a 22-hour program designed to equip educators from schools and universities with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for integrating AI into the educational system. Its ultimate goal is to shape the future of education in an AI-driven world.

Career Advancement

Elevate your education career with the CAIP-E program, unlocking advanced educational roles and greater earning potential.

Strategic AI EducatLeadership

Drive AI-powered educational innovation, shape the future of education in your institution, and stay ahead of teaching trends as an AI professional educator.

Networking Opportunities

Unlock exclusive access to a network of AI pioneers in education, enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange among teaching professionals.

Who This Program For

The CAIP-E Program is for educators, school leaders, edtech entrepreneurs, and education policymakers who want to harness the power of AI to revolutionize the classroom, drive educational innovation, and future-proof their careers in the education sector.

edtech entrepreneur
education policymaker
school owner


Edtech Entrepreneurs

Education Policymakers

Schools Owners

Cohort-based Program.

Program Outcomes

Educators will understand AI fundamentals and its applications in education.

Educators will acquire knowledge and skills to implement AI in teaching, assessment, student support, and smart classroom management.

Educators will learn to use Generative AI for creative content development in their disciplines.

Educators will develop strategies for AI integration and lead AI initiatives within their institutions.

The program emphasizes the responsible and ethical use of AI, addressing data privacy, bias, and societal impact.

Educators will be prepared to forecast and plan for future technological trends in education and reimagine the future of their institutions.

Program Curriculum

Module 1

Introduction to AI

  • L1: Introduction to AI 

  • L2: Industry 4.0 

  • L3: Data 

  • L4: How Machines Learn?

  • L5: AI in Daily Life

Module 2

AI Applications in Education

  • L1: AI Project Management Framework 

  • L2: Assessment & Evaluation Applications

  • L3: Content Creation and Curation Applications

  • L4: Personalized Learning & Student Support Applications

  • L5: School Administration & Smart Classroom Management

Module 3

Exploring Generative AI in Educational Content

  • L1: Introduction to Generative AI and Its Educational Potential

  • L2: Creative Content Generation with AI Tools

  • L3: Media and Digital Art Creation through Generative AI

  • L4: Interactive Learning with AI Tutoring Systems

  • L5: Integrating AI with Academic Disciplines

Module 4

Leading AI Transformation in Education

  • L1: AI Leadership in Education

  • L2: Measuring AI & Future Readiness for Academic Institutions

  • L3: AI Business Model Canvas (AI-BMC)

  • L4: Crafting an AI Transformation Roadmap

  • L5: Designing and Establishing AI Accelerator Labs

Module 5

AI Citizenship in Education

  • L1: The New Dynamics of AI-Enhanced Classrooms

  • L2: Addressing Bias, Data Privacy, and Security in AI Applications

  • L3: Collaborative Pedagogies: Human-AI Interaction

  • L4: AI’s Impact on Jobs, Society, and the Digital Economy

  • L5: Principles of Responsible AI in Education

Module 6

Envisioning the Future of AI in Education

  • L1: Understanding Exponential Technological Change in Education

  • L2: The Evolution of Virtual Autonomous Schools

  • L3: AI, Virtual Realities, and Educational Metaverses

  • L4: Next-Gen Learning with Virtual AI Tutors and Gamification

  • L5: Brain-Computer Interfaces in Learning Environments

CAIP-E Certification

Examination & Certification

The Certified AI Professional in Education (CAIP-E) program, endorsed by the World AI Council (WAIC) Education Committee, represents elite AI leadership in education. Participants must complete a capstone project, reviewed by WAIC members, to earn the CAIP-E designation. This certification demonstrates that educators have mastered AI integration, strategic planning, and ethical implementation in their institutions, preparing them for a future of AI-driven educational excellence.

Cohort-based Program.


Introduce your Organization to the CAIP-E Program

We present the CAIP-E program, specifically designed for academic institutions, as a cohort-based learning experience. Your institution has the flexibility to enroll in the program either as an independent offering or by opting for a corporate AI membership. Through our corporate AI membership, you gain access to the program through any of the following membership tiers: Citizen, Innovator, Leader, or Builder. Opting for any of these tiers automatically includes the CAIP-E program in your Membership Package.

Hear It From Our AI Educators

Lucas Testimony

Lucas Müller, Germany

As an edtech entrepreneur, CAIP-E gave me the edge I needed. Our latest AI tool, inspired by this program, is a hit!
Priya Testimony

Dr. Priya Raghavan, India

The CAIP-E program transformed how I view AI in education. It's practical, insightful, and a must for modern educators.
Emily Testimony

Emily Thompson, Canada

15 years in teaching, and CAIP-E was a revelation. I've integrated AI tools in my classroom, and the results are astounding.

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