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Steve Wozniak Raises Alarm on Surge in Cyber Scams

The AI Citizen

Jun 12, 2023

Apple co-founder calls for regulation to counter AI-fueled deception

Renowned engineer and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has issued a stark warning about the misuse of AI-powered tools by cybercriminals, leading to a rise in convincing online scams. Wozniak emphasizes the need for regulation to curb the use of AI technology by bad actors seeking to deceive people and obtain sensitive information. The concerns come at a time when AI is increasingly integrated into various sectors, revolutionizing processes and enhancing productivity.

Wozniak's fears highlight the growing trend of AI technology being exploited by cybercriminals to clone voices and manipulate personal connections, tricking individuals into financial harm. He advocates for AI to be trained to identify such scams, enabling targets to take necessary precautions.

In March, Wozniak joined a group of over 1,000 technology experts in a call for a temporary pause in the development of certain AI tools. The goal is to establish guidelines for safe deployment and regulate major tech companies that may push ethical boundaries.

As AI technology continues to evolve, striking a balance becomes crucial. It is essential to regulate its use to prevent exploitation by cybercriminals while fostering responsible development. The challenge lies in preserving innovation while safeguarding against the rising tide of AI-powered scams.


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