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Robo-Preachers Take Over: Attendees Disappointed by Soulless AI Church Service

The AI Citizen

Jun 13, 2023

Virtual Avatars Deliver Sermons Written by ChatGPT, Leaving Congregation Amused and Unfulfilled

In a bizarre turn of events, Saint Paul's church in Fürth, Germany, hosted an AI-generated church service that left attendees with mixed emotions. The service, lasting 40 minutes, featured virtual avatars delivering sermons crafted by none other than ChatGPT, a language model. However, instead of inspiring devotion, the robotic preachers invoked unintentional laughter among the congregation.

Even the recitation of the Lord's Prayer by the digital avatars was met with disdain, as some church members flatly refused to participate. One disappointed attendee, Heiderose Schmidt, a 54-year-old IT worker, lamented, "There was no heart and no soul." She expressed her struggle to concentrate due to the avatars' emotionless and rapid delivery, wondering if the younger generation, more accustomed to this tech-driven world, might have a different experience.

It seems that even in the realm of spirituality, the intrusion of technology has left worshippers yearning for something more human, more genuine. Can the soulless sermons of AI avatars ever truly replace the warmth and connection found in traditional church services?


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