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AI Membership: Your Fast-Track Pass to the Future.

Speed up your organizational AI and exponential technology adoption, while lowering risks and costs.

Explore membership packages:

What is the Corporate AI Membership?

Our annual corporate membership offers organizations, businesses, and universities aconcrete advantages, including certification programs, AI strategic planning, an AI development lab, and an exclusive community designed to expedite AI transformation.


Our corporate members receive a seat at our World AI Council (WAIC), connecting them to a local, regional, and global AI community and granting access to various resources.

Membership Benefits

Why Corporates Choose Our Membership Over Standalone Offerings

Tailored Success

Our corporate memberships leverage a practical framework, ensuring each package is designed to deliver measurable outcomes.


Opting for our membership packages proves more economical than selecting standalone offerings, maximizing your investment.

Exclusive Community Access

Corporate membership grants automatic entry into our exclusive World AI Council, connecting you with members, locally and globally.

Securing your Seat at World AI Council (WAIC)

Once you become a corporate AI member, you will automatically secure a seat at our prestigious WAIC in your Local AI District. You will nominate ambassadors from your organizations to represent your organization in the WAIC's Quarterly District Gathering, and World AI Summit, and become locally, regionally, and globally recognized.

As a Member, You're Contributing to Your Local AI District

An AI District is a geographically centered community where Corporate AI Members, as Citizens, Innovators, Leaders, or Builders, contribute to the prosperity and advancement of their local AI ecosystems. Through collaboration, they work to unleash AI potential, bridge skill gaps, and propel both local and global AI progress.

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World AI Summit (WAIS)

25-27 August, 2024 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The World AI Summit in Riyadh offers WAIC members, with exclusive discounts, a unique platform to engage with global AI experts and discuss innovations, ethics, and strategies. Hosted in 2024 in Riyadh, this event encourages networking, features keynotes from leading AI figures, and fosters strategic partnerships to shape AI's future.

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