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Certified Data Scientist (CDS)

Kickstart Your Data Science and AI Career in 2024.

Job Guaranteed!


Cohort-based Program

Data science will see more growth than almost any other field between now and 2029, and the annual salary is approaching US$ 200,000”.


4 Months

Program Duration

~ 5 Hours/Week

Hours of Learning

Expert Instructor

Program Format


Learning Mode

Why Becoming a Data Scientist?

US$ 117,000

Data scientists in the U.S. earn over $117,000 on average annually.  

Shortage in Supply

A shortage of over 151,000 data scientists in the U.S. alone indicates significant opportunities in the field.​

High Demand

Data scientist jobs are projected to grow by 36% by 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations

The Certified Data Scientist (CDS) Program


Enroll in our 16-week Certified Data Scientist (CDS) Diploma. Master Python, ML, data visualization, and more through 20+ hands-on projects. Get exclusive career coaching and soft skills training to land your dream job in the thriving world of data science!

From Basics to Advanced

Master data science and ML from scratch.

20+ Real Projects

Gain practical experience with diverse, real-life projects.

Career Coaching

Get expert guidance to secure your dream data science job.

Who This Program For

Ideal for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking to boost their data science and machine learning careers through 20+ real-life projects and essential soft skills training, preparing them for future data science roles

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Students Across All Majors

Professionals Across All Sectors

Entrepreneurs & SME Owners

Leaders & Decision Makers

Program Benefits

Gain expertise and global recognition in data science with our Certified Data Scientist (CDS) Diploma, featuring in-depth learning, practical projects, and career advancement opportunities.

No. 1 Data Science Diploma Program

Comprehensive Curriculum 

+20 Hands-On Projects

Career Coaching

Networking Opportunities with Employers

Program Outline

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Module 1

Introduction to AI & Data Science

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Module 2

Programming using Python

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Module 3

Version Control (Git & Github)

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Module 4

Data Collection

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Module 5

SQL & NOSQL Database

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Module 6

Mathematics & Statistics

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Module 7

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

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Module 8

Data Visualization

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Module 9

Data Preprocessing

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Module 10

Machine Learning

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Module 10

Introduction to Deep Learning

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Module 11

Model Deployment



The Certified Data Scientist (CDS) Diploma, accredited by the World AI Council, is a comprehensive 16-week program that blends theory with practical projects. This globally recognized certification prepares graduates for advanced data science roles, unlocking worldwide career opportunities.

Hear It From Our Data Scientists

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Rajesh Kumar, Mumbai, India

Exceptional learning experience! The depth and breadth of data science knowledge I gained are beyond my expectations.
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Sarah Johnson, London, UK

Absolutely rewarding! The career coaching sessions were a game-changer for my professional growth in data science.

Ahmed Al-Farsi, Dubai

Transformative! The CDS program turned me from a beginner to a data science pro. The hands-on projects were invaluable.

Tuition & Payment Plans

WAIU is committed to removing financial barriers to your career advancement. We offer a range of financing and scholarship options, ensuring our bootcamps are accessible to all.

Option 1:

Monthly Payments As Low As

US$ 750/mo.

For 4 months

Option 2:

Upfront Tuition



US$ 2250

25% Discount Applied


Corporate training

Tailored In-House Training

Tailored data science training enabling employees to develop in-house data and machine learning models using your company's real data, fostering practical skills and collaborative product development.

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