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Discover our Why. Join the Movement.

Our 'Why' is driven by the conviction that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a technological frontier but a transformative force capable of reshaping the future of humanity.

The Problem

Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, teacher, actor, consultant, or even a hedge fund manager, AI has already begun reshaping your career. AI is capable of doing many jobs cheaper, faster, and better than average humans.

Investment in AI

$158+ billion was invested in AI between 2020 and Q2 2023) to accelerate its advancement and redefine what is possible.

Job Automation

Over 300 Million of existing jobs will be automated by AI, according to Goldman Sachs. & Most of the existing jobs will be automated in the next 2-5 years.  

AI Tech Inequality

Disparities in AI access risk deepening the divide between the affluent and the less privileged, affecting economic and social equity.

The Bright Side: A World of Abundance

In a world of abundance facilitated by AI, we envision a future where technological advancements significantly increase the availability of resources, knowledge, and opportunities. Here are some key data about AI's transformative impact.

$15.7+ Trillion Economic Boost

According to PWC, AI will create a $15.7 trillion global economy by 2030.

Personalized Education

AI tailors education to individual needs, enhancing learning globally.

Resource Accessibility

AI ensures sustainable access to essential resources for all, driving down costs and making them more affordable.

Democratized Healthcare

AI provides equal access to quality healthcare, personalizing care for everyone.

Abstract Lines

How We're Building the Path to a Utopian Future

We aim to bridge the skill and tech gap, especially in under-resourced areas, by creating a global network of corporates, academic institutions, and individual leaders, facilitating transformation at low cost and risk through strategic initiatives.

AI Citizenship & Digital Literacy: Making AI knowledge accessible to everyone, bridging gaps in technology and economics.

Future of Professions: Creating a wide range of programs that integrate AI and tech with 7+ different industries including education, healthcare, and banking.

Guiding Future Leaders: Equipping leaders with the knowledge and tools to navigate the future and lead initiatives.

AI Accelerator Labs:  Launching AI and data science boot camps that accelerate talent development, supply job markets, produce tech startups, and attract investments. 

Collaborative Innovation: Building sustainable ecosystems, where our network of experts collaborate with businesses, governments, and academic institutions to accelerate tech development and entrepreneurship.

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