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Jordan's National AI Citizenship Program

In a groundbreaking partnership with Jordan's Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and the Japanese government, Stallion AI embarked on a transformative project in April 2022. This case study delves into how Stallion AI utilized its industry-leading AI Readiness Assessment & Strategy (AIRAS) framework and the AI Citizenship Programs to assist 18 government organizations in navigating the AI landscape. By raising awareness, assessing AI readiness, and crafting tailored 5-year AI and future roadmaps, Stallion AI empowered the Jordanian government to embrace AI transformation on a national scale.


Professional and leaders explored and learned AI in their domains


The participants knowledge about AI has increased by 26%


Government organizations have participated in the project


High-impact and feasible AI and exponential tech projects 

The Challenge of AI Transformation at Scale

The Jordanian government faced significant challenges as it embarked on the AI transformation journey. With limited visibility into the AI maturity of the public sector and resistance from the workforce due to a lack of knowledge, moving forward with AI initiatives required a clear understanding of readiness levels. Stallion AI recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to assess AI readiness and mitigate risks associated with national-scale transformation.

Utilizing the AIRAS Framework

Stallion AI's proprietary AI Readiness Assessment & Strategy (AIRAS) framework evaluates organizations' AI readiness and develops effective strategies aligned with their unique needs. By assessing dimensions like data, analytics, integration, skills, infrastructure, and policies, Stallion AI provides actionable recommendations to drive business value through successful AI implementation


The AI Citizenship Program 

Stallion AI initiated the project by forming dedicated AI Citizenship teams in each organization to drive transformation and promote employee engagement. The journey continued with the implementation of the AI Citizenship program, which raised awareness, identified domain-specific use cases, and shaped the final AI strategy. This comprehensive initiative empowered over 3500 leaders and employees across 12 sectors, resulting in a significant 26%+ improvement in their understanding of AI. The upskilling efforts cultivated a workforce that was not only knowledgeable about AI's potential but also prepared to embrace it within their domains

The Enterprise AI Roadmap

At the conclusion of the project engagement, Stallion AI provides organizations with observations, findings, and recommendations. This comprehensive report serves as a roadmap for organizations to embark on their AI transformation journey. Stallion's team works closely with the government organizations in Jordan to develop a 5-year AI transformation roadmap for each of the 18 participating entities. Each 5-year AI roadmap outlines feasible and high-impact AI pilot projects aligned with the organization's strategic and operational goals.


Craft your AI Strategy

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