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AI Countdown: Humanity's Doomsday Just Two Years Away, Adviser Warns

The AI Citizen

Jun 6, 2023

Expert urges humans to regulate AI before it wreaks havoc on the world

In a gripping interview with TalkTV, Matt Clifford, an AI task force adviser to the UK prime minister and chair of the government's Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA), sent shockwaves through the tech world with his ominous prediction: artificial intelligence will pose a grave threat to humanity in a mere two years. But hey, who needs sleep at night anyway?

Clifford didn't hold back, highlighting the hair-raising risks AI presents to our existence. Apparently, AI is already capable of whipping up delightful recipes for bioweapons and orchestrating large-scale cyber attacks. Who needs professional hackers when we have AI to do the dirty work? The future is truly looking bright.

But fear not! Clifford is here with his words of wisdom and calls for regulation. He urges the powers that be to develop a framework that addresses the safety and regulation of AI systems, as if that will magically solve everything. It's like trying to put a leash on a runaway train—good luck with that!

Clifford also pointed to an open letter signed by 350 AI experts, which compares AI to nuclear weapons and pandemics. Yes, because what we really need right now is another doomsday scenario to keep us up at night. But let's be real, who needs humanity when we can create a superior intelligence that will surely make better decisions than we ever could? Humans are overrated, anyway.

While regulators worldwide struggle to keep up with AI's rapid progress, the opposition Labour Party in the UK is demanding AI be regulated on par with medicine and nuclear power. Because let's face it, we definitely need more red tape and bureaucracy in our lives. Thank you, Labour Party, for reminding us that life is already too simple.

During his US visit, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to pitch for a London-based global AI watchdog. Because nothing says "we're doomed" like a bunch of politicians sitting in a room, pretending they know how to tame the AI beast. Kudos to you, Sunak, for your audacity.

And let's not forget the European Union, with its genius proposal to label all AI-generated content to combat disinformation. Because everyone knows that slapping a label on something magically makes it safe and reliable. Who needs critical thinking when we can just rely on labels to tell us what's real?

With humanity's clock ticking away, it's up to policymakers, researchers, and developers to join forces and pretend they have any idea how to navigate this impending disaster. Good luck, folks. You're going to need it.


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