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Sir Paul McCartney Utilizes AI to Complete 'Final' Beatles Song

The AI Citizen

Jun 13, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Technology, Sir Paul McCartney Extracts the Essence of John Lennon's Voice in a Long-Awaited Harmony

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he employed artificial intelligence (AI) to finalize a Beatles song, which he refers to as "the final Beatles record." McCartney used AI technology to extract John Lennon's voice from an old demo and complete the song. Although the specific track was not named, it is speculated to be a Lennon composition from 1978 titled "Now And Then." This endeavor builds upon McCartney's previous collaborations with producer Jeff Lynne, where two other songs from Lennon's demo were released in the mid-1990s. The breakthrough came with Peter Jackson's Get Back documentary, which employed AI to separate the Beatles' voices from background noises. McCartney's use of AI not only brings closure to a long-awaited harmony but also raises intriguing questions about the future implications of technology in the realm of music creation.


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