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Certified AI Consulting Parter (CAICP) Program


Evaluate Organizational AI and Technology Readiness Levels and Develop Customized AI Transformation Roadmaps for Organizations with Our CAICP Program.

 1 Week

Program Duration

 8 Hours

Learning & Onboarding

Expert-led, Online

Program Mode


Licensing & Admin Fee

This is a cohort-based program and it requires a minimum of two Master Consultants to be certified as Certified AI Consulting Partners (CAICP).

Certified AI Consulting Parter (CAICP) Program

Join our prestigious network of Certified AI Consulting Partners (CAITPs) and enhance your organization's AI training capabilities. As a CAICP, you'll receive authorization from our esteemed World AI Council (WAIC) to qualify your team as Certified AI Consulting Specialists (CAICS) and deliver our world-class AI Readiness Assessment & Strategy (AIRAS). This includes crafting AI and digital transformation strategies for businesses and governments. Our rigorous standards ensure that you provide top-tier AI education and consulting services, enabling organizations worldwide to prepare for the AI-powered future. Partner with WAIU to:

  • Elevate the visibility of your AI consulting and strategic planning services.

  • Attract a broader client base from both businesses and government sectors.

  • Enhance the credibility of your AI management consulting services.

  • Unlock new marketing and promotional opportunities for your organization

Why Become a CAITP?


Becoming a Certified AI Consulting Partner (CAITP) with WAIU offers a host of benefits for your organization. Here are the top five compelling reasons to join our esteemed network of AI consulting partners:

Industry Leadership: CAICP status signifies your industry leadership in AI consulting and strategy development, setting you apart as an expert in the field.

Global Recognition: Gain global recognition and credibility associated with WAIU and our esteemed World AI Council (WAIC), instilling trust in clients worldwide.

Expand Your Client Base: Access new markets and clients seeking AI readiness assessment, strategy development, and consulting services, expanding your business opportunities.

Marketing Support: Leverage marketing materials and support to enhance your visibility and reputation as a certified AI consulting leader.

Community and Networking: Join a vibrant community of AI professionals and experts, collaborate on strategic projects, and stay connected with industry peers.

Becoming a CAICP empowers you as a Consultant to help organization excel in the AI-driven future and make a meaningful impact on your clients' AI journeys

How to Become a CAICP?


Submit Application

Start by creating your profile and submitting your application along with the required payment.


Become Certified

Ensure you have at least one Certified AI Consulting Specialist (CAICS) on your team, who has successfully passed the Certified AI Professional (CAIP) exam in the specific sector for which they will deliver training and consulting.


Quality Consulting Delivery

Be prepared to deliver AI Readiness Assessment & Strategic Planning services virtually or in-person, meeting the high standards set by WAIU.


Adhere to Brand Guidelines

Ensure compliance with WAIU's brand guidelines and policies to maintain consistency and quality in your training programs.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 6.37.16 PM.png

Certification & Designation

The Certified AI Consulting Partner (CAICP) program, certified by our esteemed World AI University (WAIU) Council members, represents the pinnacle of AI training and strategic consulting excellence. It signifies that training and consulting partners have met rigorous standards and guidelines to deliver WAIU's certification programs as well as AI Readiness Assessment & Strategy (AIRAS) services effectively and ethically. The CAICP designation is a testament to their commitment to delivering top-tier AI education and strategic consulting, empowering professionals and organizations worldwide with the knowledge, skills, readiness assessment and strategic plans needed to excel in the AI era.


Become a Certified AI Consulting Specialist (CAICS) Today.


Unlock a world of digital transformation and AI consulting opportunities and join our esteemed network of Certified AI Consulting Partners (CAICPs). Prepare for a one-week, 8-hour program training and onboarding to become a Certified AI Consulting Partner (CAICP) and shape the future of AI training and strategic consulting with WAIU.

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