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World's First Corporate AI Citizenship

Empowering Professionals and organizations to fast-track their digital transformation in the disruptive AI era.

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Welcome to the World AI University (WAIU) 

WAIU is an international education, consulting, research, and development organization that specializes in AI and exponential technologies. 

Our mission is to accelerate your AI and technological transformation while minimizing costs and risks.

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30,000+ Professionals

Empowered 30,000+ professionals to learn and explore AI in their sectors

30+ Corporates

Crafted the AI and future roadmap for 30+ organizations.

200+ Projects

Contributed to 200+ AI projects in 12 different sectors.

AI's Global Impact

AI is redefining the way we live and work. It's revolutionizing industries and reshaping careers, from creative fields to healthcare and technology. 


Geoff Hinton, the godfather of AI, predicted on May 2023 that AI's capabilities will surpass human intelligence soon. In this transformative era, many organizations, particularly in emerging economies, face challenges in adopting AI technologies.

The Challenge of Organizational AI Adoption

Organizations often face challenges in adopting and managing AI, commonly stalling at the pilot project phase. These challenges stem from a lack of a clear framework, insufficient people and organizational readiness, and inadequate data and AI technology readiness, hindering successful AI integration and scalability.

Unlock Our World-Class AI Offerings

As a corporate AI member, you'll gain access to:


Address the skill gap and foster a cultural shift through our domain-specific certification programs.

Strategic Planning

Enable our corporate members to assess their future readiness and develop strategic roadmaps using our pragmatic and scientifically validated frameworks.

AI Development

Support our members in experimenting and developing AI technologies in-house with the assistance of our world-class AI engineers and data scientists.

Community & Events

Foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mentorship through our World AI Council (WAIC) community engagement, events, and conferences.

These programs and services are available through corporate membership packages, or as separate standalone offerings.


Securing your Seat at the World AI Council (WAIC)

Once you become a corporate AI member, you will automatically secure a seat at our prestigious WAIC in your Local AI District. You will nominate ambassadors from your organizations to represent your organization in the WAIC's Quarterly District Gathering, and World AI Summit, and become locally, regionally, and globally recognized.

Learn the AI Basics in 60 Minutes!

Having a hard time chatting about AI in business meetings? Get the basics in only 60 minutes! Our free, simple course has no tough words, just the easy stuff.

Insights, Trends & Latest Updates

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