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Empowering Minds. Redefining Possibilities.

Welcome to the World AI University (WAIU)


WAIU specializes in AI and exponential technologies, offering certification programs, strategic AI planning and consulting services, and AI Development & Accelerator Labs, across the US, Canada, Europe, and the MENA region. While our name includes "University," we are not an accredited university in the conventional sense but rather a disruptive force in education and technology. 

WAIU is powered by Stallion AI Group.


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Corporate Members

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Our Mission

Accelerate AI integration for businesses, academic institutions, and individuals by providing a clear framework of essential knowledge, skills, and tools. We aim to empower stakeholders, from different sectors and domains, to navigate future challenges and drive the development of innovative, human-centered AI solutions for a brighter future.


Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a global ecosystem where professionals harmoniously coexist with AI and machines, positioning humans at the heart of the future AI economy. WAIU is committed to developing human-centered AI solutions that augment human capabilities, ensuring that individuals not only adapt to but also thrive in the evolving digital landscape. 

What We Do

Certification Programs

Address the skill gap and foster a cultural shift through our domain-specific certification programs.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Enable our members to assess their future readiness and develop strategic roadmaps using our pragmatic and scientifically validated frameworks.

AI Development Labs

Support our members in experimenting and developing AI technologies with the assistance of our world-class AI engineers and data scientists.

Collaborations & Annual Forums

Foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mentorship through our World AI Forum (WAIF) community engagement, events, and conferences.

You may access our services as a standalone offering, or you get a discount by becoming a member and joining our community.  

Our Technology Focus

AI and exponential technologies are reshaping our world across different sectors. They hold transformative potential, impacting industries, ethics, and billions of lives. Our educational programs and AI development labs integrate the following technologies with 12+ domains and sectors so that professionals can harness and responsibly utilize these technologies for the benefit of all. 

Featured Partners

Since the inception of Stallion AI Group in 2018, we've contributed to the transformation of over 200 organizations across sectors. Join us and revolutionize your AI transformation journey.

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