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Hana is a Leader in Future Education.

She prepares for a future where educators harness AI & exponential technologies to revolutionize teaching.

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AI is transforming all professions. Are you prepared?

From doctors and lawyers to educators and celebrities, AI is already reshaping all professional landscapes. The jobs we know today are rapidly evolving.

The World AI University's (WAIU) prepares you for this shift. Assess yourself today.

Learn the AI Basics in 60 Minutes!

Having a hard time chatting about AI in business meetings? Get the basics in only 60 minutes! Our free, simple course has no tough words, just the easy stuff.

Value: US$ 59.9


Business Meeting

Select a Program Based on Your Profession.

It's Simple: Get the materials, pass the exam, earn your certification, and then become a certified member at our exclusive network!

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AI Literacy for Everyone

Delve into AI fundamentals, and explore future job landscapes.


Lawyers & Legal Professionals

Navigate the evolving legal landscape with AI-driven insights.


University & School Educators

Prepare for a future where educators harness AI to revolutionize teaching.

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Government Officials & Policy Makers

Shape policies and services in an AI-augmented government.


Banking & Financial Services Professionals

Lead the transformation of the banking and financial landscape.


Media & Entertainment Professionals

Create and distribute content in the AI era.



Drive innovations in patient care, diagnostics, and treatments.


Energy & Utilities Professionals

Optimize production, streamline utility management, and lead sustainable innovations.

CAIO Certificate

For Visionary Leaders

The Certified Chief AI Officer (CAIO) Program. 

Boost your executive career and become a Chief AI Officer (CAIO). CAIOs are pivotal in steering their organizations toward a cutting-edge future, championing fresh initiatives, and molding the AI landscape for their enterprise. 


Unlock our programs through Corporate AI Membership

Our programs are delivered in cohort-based formats. To participate with your team, your organization needs to enroll as a corporate member. 

Enroll your organization in our Corporate AI Membership and empower your team with cutting-edge AI education.

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