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World AI Council (WAIC)

Are you a visionary leader with extensive domain expertise, eager to join a global movement shaping the future of your industry?

About the World AI Council (WAIC)

The World AI Council (WAIC) is an elite network of the world's best domain experts committed to shaping the future of 12+ industries in the disruptive AI era. WAIC members are on a mission to address skill gaps, foster technological advancement, accelerate the pace of AI integration across various sectors, and enhance societal and economic progress.

Who is eligible to become a WAIC member?

If you are a domain expert, with solid experience, and believe you can contribute to shaping the future of your industry in the AI era, consider where you might fit among our four key segments:

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Curriculum Developers, Trainers & Educators

Consultants, Advisors & Mentors

Researchers, Academics & Scholars

Data Scientists, AI Engineers & Software Developers 

What do our WAIC members do? 

Who can access our WAIC network of trainers, consultants, scientists, and developers?

Students & Professionals

Academic Institutions

Corporates &  Governments

SMEs & Startups

WAIC Membership Criteria

 Domain Expertise & Leadership

Minimum of 15 years of leadership experience in one's respective domain or sector, whether it be healthcare, finance, education, law, or others.

Contributions to the Field

Recognized contributions, achievements, or innovations in one's domain, showcasing thought leadership.

Ethical Alignment

Commitment to ethical standards and practices in one's profession. And Interest in understanding and promoting responsible AI Citizenship in their domain.


Successful completion of an interview with the WAIC membership committee to assess alignment with the council's mission and values.

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Are you a domain expert with a vision for the future of your career?

We invite you to secure a seat on our elite World AI Council (WAIC). We're creating a vast network of experts to lead in the AI era, impacting over 12 industries. Join us to bridge the skills gap and boost tech readiness for people, companies, governments, foundations,  schools, and universities. 

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