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Transforming Universities into AI & Technology Accelerators.

Select your ideal university membership package tailored to your needs and vision. 

CITIZENS Membership Benefits



Enhance AI and digital literacy across all disciplines, preparing students to understand AI's impact on their studies and graduate as AI Citizens, showcasing their foundational AI knowledge.


  • 3 x 1-week AI and Digital Literacy programs (300 students in total)

  • 3 x 1-week Certified AI Professional courses across different domains (300 students in total)

  • 3 x 1-week Generative AI Tools Mastery Programs (75 students in total)


  • 1 x Consulting Session for University Educators.

  • Limited access to AI Productivity Tools Library (1 year).

  • Monthly "The AI Citizen" newsletters and articles.

Community &  Events

  • Launch the "AI Students Club".

  • 1 x Nominated educator AI member at WAIC.

  • 1 x Seat at Quarterly AI District Gatherings in your local district.

  • 10 x Nominated student AI ambassadors to lead the AI Students Club.

  • Observer Invitation to the annual World AI Summit.



Empower students to apply their AI knowledge creatively, developing AI business projects and plans that tackle real-world challenges. Known as Innovators, these students will have the capability to secure pre-seed funding for their projects and engage in problem-solving collaborations with industry leaders.

INNOVATORS Membership Benefits

All “CITIZEN” Benefits +


  • 3 x 2-month AI Project Hackathons annually, yielding 15-20 AI projects with business plans (150 students in total). 



  • 3 x Consulting Sessions for University Educators.

  • Full access to the AI Productivity Tools Library.

Community &  Events

  • 2 x Nominated members at WAIC. 

  • 2 x Seats at Quarterly AI District Gatherings in your local district.

CITIZEN Membership Benefits

All “INNOVATORS” Benefits +


  • 1 x 3-month AI Piloting program, resulting in 7-10 AI pilots per cohort every year. 


  • 4x Consulting sessions for University educators.

Community &  Events

  • 3 x Nominated members at WAIC. 

  • 3 x seats at Quarterly AI District Gatherings in your local district.



Equip students with the skills to become data scientists and machine learning engineers, or Builders, who can create scalable AI pilots and minimum viable products addressing industry needs. Builders will have the unique opportunity to work alongside Innovators and our corporate leadership community to bring AI projects to fruition.

Customize Your AI Membership Package

Looking for a customized University AI Membership? Connect with WAIU's Corporate Team to design a package that's uniquely yours.

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The AI Students Club

We empower academic institutions through our AI Students Club, which enables university students to gain knowledge about AI relevant to their major and field of study. Students have the opportunity to participate in world-class AI Project Hackathons, acquire technical skills in data science and machine learning, and engage in our AI Piloting Lab. Here, they apply knowledge gained from other programs to develop scalable AI pilots that address real-world problems within our WAIC community.

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